Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bringing In 2014

This post is obviously late, but with my schedule it has been hard to find time to engross in the computer.

For starters, I had an amazing time on vacation! Magical does not begin to describe my trip to Disney. Although my trip was exhausting(walking around parks for 4 days was not my friend), I had the most memorable trip of my life.
Here's just one picture from my trip. I will be completely honest, when they lit the castle, I actually cried from the beauty. If you haven't seen it or made the trip to Disney, it is certainly worth doing.

Then we come upon a new year. Reading over my posts from 2013, I had a stressful year. Not only were my situations stressful, but I made no effort to take care of myself mentally or relieve the stress.

Which leads me to my cheesy New Year's resolutions. I am not a huge fan of resolutions, but this year I feel it's necessary. My goal is to do what makes me happy, and to pick up some stress relieving activities. I spend all of my time worrying about my physical health and working, that I don't always take care of myself mentally.

Keep tuned to see what will be new in Rachel's world...maybe some yoga, or knitting? Who knows what this year might bring!

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