Sunday, October 6, 2013

Prioritizing and Figuring Life Out

It has been a stressful week. We experienced a death and had to travel to NY unexpectedly to attend the viewing and funeral. When we arrived, we chose to stay at his deceased grandparents house-it's where we typically spent our time and seemed fitting that we continue to sit there. However, it was much different. Their house had always been untidy, but it wasn't until now that I was noticing all of the clutter-I'm talking birthday cards from the 1970's, dried flowers from 1992, and the list continues. As I sat there, overwhelmed, it really hit me. You don't get to take any of this stuff with you. And honestly, how much can a dried flower that's shoved in the back of a drawer really mean to someone? I found myself wondering about my own life. I started to do blog searches and pinterest away on how to de-clutter and figure out what you actually need. The truth is, none of us know when  we are going to pass. It can be from an ongoing illness or an instantaneous car crash. I have decided to go through everything in my apartment-and I mean everything, to avoid the hassle of whoever has to come up behind me and do the same. It's time to organize, figure out what's important, and figure out what isn't. That's all for now blogland x0x0x0

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