Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The mass that wouldn't go away

To update you all on my recently scary adventures:

I went to the surgeon today to talk about the mass that has decided to make itself at home on my right ovary. I went into the appointment terrified of what the doctor might have to say. Was I going to need a full hysterectomy? What are the chances of it being cancer? There were so many questions that I have had for so long that I was begging for answers. Luckily, he was just as prepared as I was to talk about the findings. There is no need for a hysterectomy at this time. They are running the screens to see if what I have contains any pre-cancerous or cancerous cells. But I always learned a new word today...

What is this you ask? I still have not fully grasped what tags along with this word. All I am completely sure of, is that I have this, and that it is not going away. 

A part of me was relieved, I for now, do not have cancer. But I am also in a way disappointed. I was hoping to just have this mass removed and to go on with my daily life. However, the doctor has made it clear that daily life isn't going to be quite the same anymore. I will be starting some new medicines, as well as continue to a genetics doctor to see if I carry the gene to possibly have Ovarian Cancer. So here I am yet again, fighting another battle.


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