Monday, April 29, 2013

Clinic Update 4/29

There is just something about the word clinic that makes me shudder.Maybe that you never know if you'll hear good news or bad news. Maybe it's the fact that you never know if you'll have to stay. But there is just something about that day, even if it's just an hour appointment, that makes an hour appointment a whole day affair.

Last week I had PFTS done(for some reason, I don't do them the same day like everyone else). They came out to be about 29%. Not shocking, but not exactly something that I'm jumping for joy about. I really was hoping for a better number, especially since I really have been doing my best to try and increase my lung function.

The doctor didn't have too much to say this visit-which is honestly,releiving considering I have had bad news everytime I go to the doctor's lately.So I'll be able to sum it up into a few bullet points.
  • I'll be going to an ENT for a full evaluation. She believes that a lot of my cough is coming from sinus',hence why there's blood.
  • We're running a full lab workup to find this auto-immune disorder that for some reason, she believes that I have. Endo-something.
  • We'll be adding a CPAP machine into my daily life-really, anytime that I can.Crazy part-my insurance wanted $633 dollars for one!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy.
  • She was able to tell me that I have "severely thickened airways" but didn't tell me much on what to do about it-thanks doc.
  • Still not cleared to exercise-I can walk and bike but that's about it.
So, at this point I feel stuck. We haven't really made any changes to make me feel better, so I guess I'll just keep declining. It's a little frustrating but that's all I can do I guess.

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