Friday, April 12, 2013

The passing days...

What is new to share? Nothing much at this time...It has come to the end of my 3 month appointment wait...with my appointment being on April 29. This is the month that I spend preparing, hoping, praying for some sort of good news. A miraculous pft or somehow a fairly decent xray. An appointment where my doctor says "great progress" and pushes me out the door. But in reality, I know these things are far from happening.I know that we are so close to transplant and that I will now start the pre-screening process. I know that I will leave that office with tears, knowing that the battle isn't over. If anything, this is what CF is. CF is the uncertainty of not knowing. That any moment you're life can change forever. You can develop a deadly infection and be done within a week. The uncertainties of not knowing what you're walking into when you enter that appointment-hell,normally you don't even know if you'll be walking out. I suppose there is never a dual moment in this life. That's all for now<3

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