Friday, November 29, 2013

Finding a home

Yesterday, I hit a roadblock.
Actually, the road block began Wednesday night in the midst of our travels to my father's house. 
At 21 years old, I have finally come to the conclusion that my family will never be "normal".
Every holiday I must choose who I want to spend my time with.
This year, my family was spread out not only over one state, but two.
I was finding it hard to be thankful when I was stuck in this sticky issue.
Where do I go? Who do I choose to be with?

Then I remembered.
I'm breathing.
I'm not in the hospital fighting for my life at this moment.
Why does it matter so much who I am with?
What I am doing is most important.
Celebrating life, love, and happiness.

The tears then started to clear up, and I was able to enjoy my holiday with some of my closest family members.

How was your thanksgiving? 

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