Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Accepting the changes

I have to be honest for a quick minute.
I hate change.
I despise going to the doctor's and my medicines changing, or there's a new study, or they think I have just eliminate this, or add some of this to my diet, I will see some changes.

So as to no surprise, when I first heard that I needed to begin eating the FODMAP diet for my entirety(instead of just doing the essential diet, and then going through the challenge phase), I was more than a little disturbed.

How are you going to tell a recent 21 year old that everything that she envies in food-doughnuts, chicken nuggets, everything fried and covered in grease, is a no-no?

At first, I said too bad. I wasn't going to follow it. The doctor's could kiss my butt. I would try to do FODMAP-and I would fail by lunch-time, and then over indulge and candies and chocolates and everything fattening in the world.

But after my endoscopy, I learned some disheartening results. Because I chose not to listen, I have now developed celiac disease and the bacteria that was once growing in my stomach, is now all up in my esophagus and wrecking my body. So the doctor gave me the option. I could continue how I eat, and remain in pain and cause my body more harm, or I could get over my stubborn attitude and actually follow their advice and maybe gain some relief.

So now I sit here. Spending my time researching, studying, reaching out to fellow FODMAP foodies, and trying to learn more about this way of life and figure out how to follow it.

As of right now, I am on Day 2. Yesterday seem to go fairly well-I had to splurge and eat some cheese(ok-so I didn't have to, but I didn't prepare in advance so I had to eat what I have) but it seems to go fairly well.

This morning I actually woke up on my own, without my alarm, and with full alertness and energy which hasn't happened in I don't know how long.

Will I stick to it? I can only hope. I only have so many options left.

Know anyone on the fodmap or have tried it before? Let me know!

I will post a picture of what exactly the fodmap is so everyone can have a little glance!

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